Seed Starter 105 Plug Tray (7×15)

Seed Starter 105 Plug Tray (7×15)
The Seed Starter 105 Plug Tray (7x15) is a garden tool designed to help gardeners start seedlings indoors before transplanting them outdoors.



  • This tray features 105 individual plugs, each of which is designed to hold one seed.
  • The tray is made of sturdy plastic and is divided into seven rows of fifteen plugs each.
  • The plugs are spaced apart to allow each seedling enough space to grow before transplanting.
  • The tray also has drainage holes to prevent overwatering and promote healthy root growth.
  • The Seed Starter 105 Plug Tray (7×15) is an affordable and convenient way for gardeners to start their own seedlings indoors.
  • By starting seedlings indoors, gardeners can control the growing conditions and ensure that their plants are healthy and strong before transplanting them outdoors.
  • This tray is ideal for gardeners who want to grow a large number of plants, such as those who run a small nursery or sell plants at a farmers’ market.
  • Overall, this tray is a useful tool for anyone who wants to get a head start on their gardening season and grow a variety of plants.


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