Automatic Irrigation System Service in Dubai

Are you fed up with manually planting your garden, or you don’t have enough time to check it manually? Now you are in search of an automatic irrigation system service in Dubai that can fulfill your requirements. Here comes our Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C, which can have you covered with all your expectations. We will set up an automatic system in a way, that can provide all the requirements to your plants and make them healthy throughout the year.

Automatic Irrigation Service in Dubai


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Your search for the “automatic irrigation system service near me” ends here, as you have found the perfect combination of services at Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C. Our staff strives to meet your expectations and transform your dreams into reality. We are here to provide you with an excellent plan for your garden that keeps it attractive and green all the time and provides the needed nutrients to the plants.

Our Best Automatic Irrigation System Services

Smart Controller

Some factors like; rainfall, temperature, and humidity, delivering water precisely when and where it is needed must be considered when you want to take care of your plants. If you don’t have one, worry not! Our smart controller system in Dubai is always ready to serve you with excellence. We will provide you with a system that will automatically detect all these factors and adjust watering schedules automatically.

Sprinklers Irrigation

Every corner of your garden must receive enough water, without any runoff. Moreover, it also keeps your plant fed with all its nutrients without any hassle. That’s the reason our expert staff first analyses your property layout, plant types, and water requirements to determine the most suitable sprinkler irrigation system in Dubai. We will not let you waste a single drop of water!

Drip Irrigation

However, if the water is sensitive enough not to accept the sprinkler system in the garden. Then we have come up with the drip irrigation system in Dubai, which provides a uniform flow of water to every plant. We set a comprehensive plan that lets every plant receive adequate hydration without any water runoff. Moreover, our team is keen to provide you with the most suitable plan for a drip irrigation system to meet your expectations.

Zoning and Customization

To bring perfection to the service, we have come up with the zoning and customization service in Dubai, which can divide your garden into zones based on specific water requirements. Along with that, several other factors like plant types, sun exposure levels, and soil conditions are also considered while providing our service. It can also be used in a garden having different types of plants, which need to be cared for accordingly.

What Sets Us Apart

Our wide range of services is here to give you the best automatic irrigation system in Dubai, which not only brings perfection into your garden but also keeps your garden healthy and green all the time. Whether it is winter or summer, our team is here to inspect your garden, set a plan, and provide you with the best suitable service for your garden.

Water Conservation

The very first benefit of the automatic irrigation system is to conserve water from wastage. Moreover, it is also used to provide enough water to the plant. We stand pride in our system it fulfills all the garden’s requirements.

Time and Effort Saving

Our automatic irrigation system is perfect for those who don’t have the time to water the garden manually. To save time and effort, our service comes perfect for their requirements. They don’t need to worry about it, as our installed system will take care of it.

Enhanced Plant Health

Getting proper water level and all the nutrients makes the plant active and healthy throughout the year. That’s why, we claim that every plant in your garden will receive a balanced water level to keep it healthy. We consider many other natural factors too!
maintain an irrigation system

We are always ready to serve you at its finest. Call a given number and let us provide you or excellent service without a single minute delay. Our staff is equipped with the modern tools to analyze your property layout and set a comprehensive plan for your garden which will keep it healthy no matter, whatever the season it is!


How does automatic plant irrigation work?

An automatic plant irrigation system is installed through proper tools which are used to control the needs of the plant. Normally, is used for the cause of reducing water wastage, and providing the content related to the soil requirement.

What is the aim of an automatic irrigation system?

An automatic irrigation system will not let you water the plant manually or regular basis. It makes the whole process very simple in the automatic mood. Moreover, it provides enough content to the plant that is enough for its survival.

How often do you need to maintain an irrigation system?

It depends on the use, whether it is used many times a day, then it needs to be maintained and checked twice in the years. However, if the use is slightly low, then you need to inspect it once in the whole year.

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