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Gardening Company In Dubai

Get a convenient service from Plantation Patio landscaping L.L.C. and give your outdoor space a stunning look!

The rapid transformation of the changing landscape of Dubai, which is now ahead of the sky-scraping buildings and artificial manufacturing structures, poses an existential threat to the air quality of the city. However, the gardening companies are the ray of hope to bring greenery to the city, make it stunning in its look and keep the air neat and clean.


Between skyscraper buildings and concrete structures, there is a growing desire among residents to connect with nature. This is where the gardening companies play their role in transforming the dreams of many into reality and making stunning gardens outside their residential areas. The garden seems small, but the plants that are planted are coupled with many advantages for the area.

A Green Revolution in Dubai

Since the harsh weather and lack of rain in Dubai occurred, the people of Dubai are willing to contribute to the environmental factors. A tree planted in front of the house seems to be only one tree, but its setbacks to the environment are far larger than our imagination. That’s where the trend of installing gardens or installation of swimming pools occurs. That’s why the green landscape revolution in Dubai was initiated.

Due to this trend, many gardening companies that are professional enough to plant trees and maintain them on a regular basis have come into existence. At the same time, Plantation Patio landscaping L.L.C. has come up ready to serve the city with excellence. Some of the services which we offer are as follows:

Services Offered

A Green Revolution in Dubai

Our wide range of services may include:

Landscape Design and Installation

Our professional staff is well aware of the installation of the garden and keeps it healthy and decorated for a whole year. Moreover, we can install every project, ranging from the statue to the swimming pool.

Irrigation Systems Service

We can also provide you with an automatic irrigation system for your plants. It needs an instruction that acts as feed. It provides a proper level of water and maintenance to the garden without any hassle.

Garden Maintenance Service

The garden needs to be maintained properly on a regular basis. It needs to be checked and balanced with all its nutrients. A proper level of water and sunlight can be adjusted for their long lives.

Hardscaping Services

Decorating your garden in a sophisticated way is very important for the one who keeps it active. Our skilled team is well-trained to give a stunning look to the garden and remove all the waste from it.

The Team Behind the Magic

The Plantation Patio landscaping L.L.C. employs a very professional staff and expert technicians who provide excellent service. They are all equipped with modern tools to give you the best gardening service in Dubai.

Projects That Inspire

Along with a wide range of services, and taking a large number of projects to the, our staff is very professional in some of the projects including:

Desert Oasis Retreat

We have gone with the experience of transforming desert areas of Dubai into a stunning oasis. We have completed all the projects and guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.

Urban Rooftop Haven

Giving a stunning look to the urban rooftop haven is also our speciality. We have worth our salt in this service, too.

Sustainability in Gardening

We care not only for the present time but also for the future. We provide gardening  maintenance services in such a way that it keeps you safe from being exploited by natural resources. The water, soil, pest control management, and nutrition for the plants are used in such a way that they can also be used in the future.

Client Testimonials

You need to bWe ensure that we meet the customer’s expectations at all levels. That’s why a large number of people in Dubai invest their trust in us and let us provide the ultimate services for decorating their gardens. You can visit the customer feedback reviews and learn how satisfied our clients are with our services.alance the pest control of the plants. They are parasites of plants that must be taken control of.

Why Choose Plantations Patio Landscaping L.L.C

When it comes to the question, “Why do we choose our services”? Here are the answers. From the expert staff to the modern tools and fast service, we have it worth our salt to be the best gardening company in Dubai. Along with that, our prices are very affordable, which will not let you break your money bank. If you are looking for regular maintenance of the garden, you will always find us ready to serve you at its finest. We will not let you down while having our service and are keen to give a stunning look to your garden.

Stylish Plant Containers

You must have a very stunning container for the plant to be kept; the stylish container adds value to the plant’s importance and look.

Strategic Placement for Aesthetic Appeal

It is also very important to place the plant in a good location, which gives a very aesthetic appeal to the plant and adorns the place in a very good way.

Sustainable Interior plant practices in Dubai

The better way is to use the plant in a very impressive way, which can be left for the upcoming time or can live for a very long time. Moreover, the utilization of resources must be done in a very efficient way that could be saved for the rest of the time or the rest of the plants in the garden.

Eco-friendly Plant Options

Plants are used to make a frank environment for the people, from cleaning the air quality to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the place. All these elements are here to improve people’s physical and mental health.

Recycling and Upcycling of Plant Materials

It is considered one of the great deals about the plant to take care of the waste. The broken leaves, cut stems, or faulty soil could all be handled in such a way that it cannot affect the plants. They need to be recycled or upcycled to keep the resource used for the rest of the time.

Connecting with the Green Community

Plants keep you connected with greenery, which is very helpful in enhancing people’s physical health as well as boosting their mental health.

Showcasing your Plant Journey on Social Media

Suppose the plant in your garden looks stunning. It is a good gesture to let other people know about this. Moreover, being a responsible citizen, you should raise awareness about the plant among the people. What are the benefits and disadvantages? You should let the people know about that. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and many more are good options for spreading awareness about the plant.


In conclusion to the whole debate, it is clear that Dubai is transforming its landscape. It is changing at a rapid pace from a sandy area to a full-fledged green garden. Every person is willing to install a beautiful garden in front of the residential house. In this condition, gardening companies like Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C. play a vital role in transforming people’s dreams into reality.


We provide a wide range of landscaping services to the people of Dubai. Starting from a simple plantation and maintaining plants to installing a full-scale swimming pool. We are keen to provide you with excellence in all our services. Visit the “About Us”  page and let yourself know about all our services.

The cost of the service depends on the type of work you are asking for. It can only be estimated on the call, or our staff will visit the sight. After that, we can inform you about the cost of our service. Don’t worry! We always offer very affordable repairs.

The duration also varies according to the type of service you are demanding. If it is a deep service, then it will take longer than before. Worry not! We are fast and reliable in our service and will not let you wait for long.

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