Gardening and Landscaping Services in Dubai: Transforming Urban Spaces

Gardening and Landscaping Services in Dubai uae

Gardening and Landscaping Services in Dubai: Transforming Urban Spaces

How can the harsh weather of Dubai be tackled? How can people overcome the heat waves coming every summer season in Dubai? It is very difficult for people to roam around in the city during the summer season. The massive amount of auto-mobile machines, the sky-scraping buildings, and many advanced technologies have taken the weather in the town into a freak one. 

To get rid of this situation, some companies have taken the initiative of installing artificial gardens and landscaping designs outside the house. This has come up with a very huge setback to overcome with the threatening waves of the summer in Dubai. A lot of companies are working to provide expertise to people in installing their desired garden design. It has plants in it, which not only survive in harsh weather but also contribute to cooling down the temperature to some extent.

The Rise of Gardening and Landscaping Services in Dubai

The rise of the garden and landscaping service in Dubai is due to the rising temperature of the city, which has led to the breakneck speed. The situation seems to be impossible for survival to roam in the city. Here comes the idea of installing a garden inside and outside the house. Keeping in touch with the green also helps in providing a healthy environment to the people:

A Green Revolution in the Desert

Dubai has a landscape that contributes significantly to the increase in temperature. Moreover, the lack of availability of natural resources is also very low due to the lack of a green environment. That’s the point where the revolution of greenery in the desert sparks.

Government Initiatives

The government has also taken initiatives to provide high-quality plants and make some changes in social policies by installing gardens outside residential areas. This initiative has compelled many people to have a garden outside or inside their house.

Private Sector involvement

Many private companies have also been worth their salt in providing expertise and high-quality plants to the people, which have taken these initiatives to the next level. They offer many services ranging from regular maintenance of the plant to the installation of the whole swimming pool.

Types Of Gardening and Landscaping Services

Types Of Gardening and Landscaping Services
There are many kinds of gardens with respect to the plants it has or the landscape it is composed of. Some of them are;

Residential Landscaping

It is the most common residential landscaping garden, which is commonly witnessed outside residential houses. It is of a small scale to give a stunning look to the property and provide quality air to the people living there.

Commercial Landscaping

These gardens are commonly observed at malls or markets. They are for business purposes, normally to attract the customer and family. However, it also has a very advantageous effect on the environment.

Vertical Gardens

It has a stunning look with the occupation of less space and having it properly installed on shelves or the steps. They contain high-quality plants, which give an aesthetic appeal to the property and provide quality air to the people passing nearby.

Villa Gardening

It is commonly used for places which have a large area to be taken. It is composed of chairs, steps, and many other decorating materials to give the property a stunning look. It also adds value to the property and provides quality air.


The rocky or step-based garden gives the property a very impressive look. Xeriscaping is one of the common designs the people of Dubai like to give a very cool environment to the place along with quality air.


Designed with water, marbles, fountains, and many more, this type of garden has largely been recommended by people who have large-sized properties. They have many unique kinds of landscaping that reflect the property’s appearance. 

The Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C takes pride in providing all these services with excellence without letting you have any hassle.

Benefits of Gardening and Landscaping Services

There are many advantages to the garden. From the social benefits to the environmental advantages, the garden always plays its role by providing all its merits. Some of them are:

Choosing the Right Gardening and Landscaping Service

It is very important for the one who wants to install a garden in it to have the right plants at the right place and at the right time. A professional and reliable gardening company in Dubai can do it. Worry not! You will get all the services from the maintenance to the installation at Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C. 

We provide you with the perfect collection of plants and a matched plan when you let us know about some of the factors. They are:

Future Trends in Gardening and Landscaping

In order to look at the current pace of gardening, future trends may take some more speed in its installation. Due to its advantages, a large number of people are willing to utilize some space in the house to install a garden, whether a small or a big one. Some of the elements that the experts are working on are:
To conclude, it is clear that installing a garden in the space, whether it is a residential palace or a commercial one. It gives very advantages to the people in the context of providing a healthy environment and keeping the temperature cool. Gardening companies like Plantation Patio Landscaping L.L.C contributed a lot in this matter, and they are still on their way to bringing more innovation in their field.


What is the best time to plant a garden in Dubai?

The best time to install any garden and plant some trees in Dubai is during the cooler months, starting from October to March. It is because of the temperature that allows the plant to establish roots before the harsh summer of Dubai.

How do I maintain my garden in Dubai's harsh climate?

There are many ways to maintain the health of the garden in a better way, including regular watering, especially in summer weather. Making sure to use drought-resistant plants, installing efficient irrigation systems, and trying to apply mulch to retain soil moisture can help your garden stay healthy and green even in the harsh weather of the summer.

Are there any specific plants that are ideal for Dubai's climate?

Yes, there are many plants that are perfect for the weather of Dubai to stay active and green throughout the year; they are Date Palm, oleander, and frangipani. They are drought-resistant and can easily survive even in the freak weather of Dubai.

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