Shovel Ergo (by CellFast)

The Digging Fork Ergo is a gardening tool designed for loosening soil and breaking up clumps of dirt in your garden or yard.



  • This fork typically features four or more sturdy and durable steel tines with sharpened edges that can easily penetrate into the soil, making it easier to aerate and prepare your soil for planting.
  • The handle of a Digging Fork Ergo is designed with an ergonomic grip, which provides a comfortable grip and reduces hand fatigue during use.
  • The handle is also typically made of lightweight and durable materials, such as fiberglass or high-quality wood, making it easy to maneuver the fork in tight spaces or dense soil.
  • This type of digging fork is ideal for gardeners who need a reliable and durable tool for preparing their soil for planting.
  • Whether you’re preparing a new garden bed or aerating the soil around existing plants, a Digging Fork Ergo is a versatile tool that can help make your gardening tasks easier and more efficient.
  • It is a must-have tool for any serious gardener.


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